Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Far West Family 服务 Employee Assistance Program

Far West Family 服务 will once again be providing the Employee Assistance Program for the 云顶学区. This is a benefit provided at no cost to you by the District. You and your family will have a total of Four (4) counseling sessions (no co-pays or deductibles), access to the informational website, and extensive community resource list.

The EAP plan year starts September 1st and runs through August 31st. T在这里 are no co-pays or deductibles in the EAP program. All costs are covered by the district.

Counseling services are available for (but not limited to):

  • Marital, relationship and family issues; couples and family counseling.
  • Parent/child concerns: children, 青少年, 年轻人:抑郁, 焦虑, 学校的问题, 调整等.
  • COVID stress: stress or 抑郁症 due to impact of the pandemic and the shutdown.
  • Addictive behaviors: such as alcohol and drug dependence/abuse, 赌博, and computer/ Internet addictions, 和色情.
  • Individual distress: due to transitions, 焦虑, 抑郁症, 家庭的起源, 家庭暴力, 性侵犯, 工作压力, 疾病或悲伤.
  • Workplace issues: stress, job changes, COVID impact, communication, job loss, retirement.
  • Issues of race: micro-aggression, racism, stress, communication, conflict, burn-out.

StressLine: 24 hour access to professional assistance and support by phone. 

在线资源: www.farwestfamilyservices.com


  • 你(雇员)和你的:
  • 配偶、伴侣,未婚夫
  • 抚养的孩子, 继子女, 寄养儿童, and grandchildren in your legal custody who are age 24 and under.

有关更多信息, download a one-page information sheet 在这里.

Call FarWest to get started on your counseling services or to reach the StressLine:


Please call 人力资源 at if you'd like a copy of the EAP brochure. You can also view or download a summary by clicking 在这里.