Adults Transitioning to Independence


  • Providing vocational training and fostering community connections for students with unique needs.

  • 支持年轻人, 年龄21页, as they transition to life after high school by building independence and work skills.

The Adults Transitioning to Independence program endeavors to:

  • 包括 & integrate young adults (年龄21页) into the community

  • Increase access to social and leisure activities

  • Make appropriate referrals to relevant services & 机构

  • Develop vocational skills leading to increased independent living


Adults Transitioning to Independence (ATI), formerly known as 成年的过渡计划 - Networks, is a program for students in the 云顶学区 who are 18-21 years of age in special education. 学生 entering the program have already completed all 4 years of high school.

The adult transition program is a community and vocationally based program. 学生 attend the Adults Transitioning to Independence on Mondays, 星期二, 周四, 和周五. There is no school on Wednesdays. 学生 at ATI are placed in unpaid internships with local businesses based on each student’s strengths, interests and independent skill level.

This series of internships gives these young adults a better understanding of their preference and potential for employment. School staff serve as job coaches. IEP goals are centered on Work Readiness, 自我宣传, and the Essential 有趣的ctions of several job types. Metro bus training and street safety are incorporated into daily activities. Most students prepare for a part time, entry-level job where they can work independently with minimal accommodations.


Located in the Portables on the 十分 High School Campus 
9130 N.E. 180圣